Happy Burger Day at the Boathouse

Did you know that August 31st is Burger Day? It kind of makes sense, since Labor Day is right around the corner and burgers are one of the most popular choices for this exciting end of summer holiday. The Boathouse has an incredible menu of burgers to make your mouth water - you can learn more about them in last week’s blog: Delicious Sandwiches at the Boathouse. Because we love burgers SO much, we wanted to share a few fun facts about this food that is so popular and tasty!

Fun Facts About Burgers

While they are commonly called “burgers” the actual name “hamburger” was derived from Hamburg steaks that were introduced to the US by immigrants from Germany. 

In America (alone!) over 50 billion burgers are eaten in one single year - pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves :D. 

Have you ever wondered how big the largest hamburger is? We’ll just tell you, it was huge. in 1982, 10,000 people came to taste the largest hamburger ever built. Even if they only got a single bite, can you even imagine the size that was needed to feed THAT many people?? Hang onto your hats, because the burger weighted an astonishing 3,591 pounds. 

In 1921, the first fast food restaurant was opened and it sold hamburgers for just 5 cents.
Have you ever heard of “liberty sandwich?” That’s what hamburgers were known as during WW1 because the American soldiers wanted to avoid German names. As you can see, though, it didn’t stick as well as hamburger - and they’re still known as that by most. 

Did you know that if we arranged all of the hamburgers eaten by Americans in a year in a straight line, it would circle our planet 32 times?? 

Needing something a little fancier? Try a Glamburger! They feature bits of edible gold leaf, lobster, and caviar - they are also one of the most expensive burgers ever created. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the black truffles, Kobe beef, venison, and duck egg. It retails for $1,768! 

Beef is one of the most common meats used in burgers worldwide. Hamburgers, along with cheeseburgers, account for 71 percent of beef served in American dining establishments. 

In 2013, a study was done to see which side was most popular with burgers. 63% chose golden-brown potatoes in any form as the most popular, and onion rings came behind with a whopping 16%.

Boathouse Burgers

Are you looking for flavors to tempt the tastebuds in an environment that keeps you dancing? The Boathouse is the perfect fit! Our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant has some exciting things happening this weekend for Labor Day at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we want YOU to join us. Come out this weekend for live music at the Lake of the Ozarks, cold beer on tap, and of course, the best burgers at the Lake of the Ozarks!

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